Compare AlkaViva H2 Water Ionizers with Enagic (Kangen), Tyent and Life Ionizers

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Prince or frog? You decide.
Will it grace my kitchen and be a welcome addition? How large is it? How refined is the design?
Color Options Two-tone Dark Charcoal & Metallic Silver White (metallic option) Black / Graphite Metallic Gray
Size Compact 37x30x14cm HxWxD Reasonably compact but 7" deep Larger size - taller and wider More compact than 'Life' / larger than AlkaViva
Overall Design Refined European design. High-end finish works well with a variety of décor / appliances. Outdated Asian look. Large spout. Questionable look for a high-end stainless / black kitchen decor. You better like black! Very square and boxy. Unrefined. New model is their best looking Ionizer. Competitive, high-end quality like AlkaViva.
Do NOT overlook filtration.
Healthy water starts with clean. Ionizers filters are not all created equal.
The scary part? Unfiltered contaminants are ionized and made more bio-available.
How Good Are Filters? The result of 3 years and $500,000+ in R&D. UltraWater's proprietary impregnated carbon block technology uses 16 medias to target broad based contaminants - as shown in independent test results. Unmatched performance. Granulated Activated Carbon plus Calcium Sulfite (like Brita). Very simple filter that along with a high flow rate offers minimal contact time and poor broad-based contaminant reduction. Granulated Activated Carbon with Vitamin C (that targets only chlorine). Life sends a “customized” three external filter set (actually same filter set no matter where you live). Granulated Activated Carbon plus a .01M membrane for microbes only. Filters do not remove broad-based contaminants like heavy metals etc.
Are the Filters Tested? (Yes) - EPA / NELAP certified lab tests show a 99.9% reduction of 249 contaminants (including arsenic) across a broad range of contaminants. WQA Gold Seal / NSF 42 NSF 42 certifies reduction of chlorine taste and odor only. None posted on website. - but with questionable caveats. Done in unrealistic parts per billion and missing tough to remove toxins like arsenic, chromium etc.
Heavy Metals




Are Filters Biodegradable?
Extra External Filters Required? Not Needed. Plus if you have a unique situation, AlkaViva has a complete range of specialty filters to handle anything. Not Needed. But if you have a unique situation, you will need to find specialty filters through third party vendors. REQUIRED. Life’s answer to their limited internal filter is to send you three more external ones. You must replace all 5 filters annually, or void your warranty. Not Needed. And they offer a reasonable choice in external specialty filters.
Filtration Gimmicks? NONE. Just credible, verifiable testing, with clear protocols, showing high reductions of even the toughest things like arsenic, cadmium etc. NONE. However, their WQA listing is very limited in what has been tested. UV LIGHT. UV is unnecessary in an ionizer using treated water since chlorine kills microbes.. It is also ineffective due to lack of adequate treatment time (due to fast flow rate). .01M FILTER. This filter only removes microbes (killed by chlorine) in treated water. Useful for wells, but does NOT reduce broad-based contaminants.
Power: too much of a good thing is bad!
Inefficient large plates require higher power. High power creates more heat and stresses the plating, shortening lifespan.
Power for Top Performance 150 Watts
1.25 Amps
230 Watts
2 Amps
800 Watts
6.7 Amps
1200 Watts
10 Amps
Power Efficiency
Wattage Needed For Top Result 130 Watts 230 Watts 800 Watts 750 Watts
Plate Life
Compact Cell Size
Reduced EMF
Regular cleaning of the cell greatly reduces risk of damage and scaling.
Most models clean regularly in the background as you use, but others do not. The cell is the most expensive and critical part of an ionizer.
4 Have To Wait While Cleaning
Cleans Using 1:1 Ratio
Be sure to carefully look at the 'fine print' when checking out warranty.
5 Warranty Limited Lifetime 5 Years Limited Lifetime*
Must install and maintain external pre-filters / housing to be valid
Includes Flow Control Knob For Fewer Issues
What is critical is how powerful is the pH, -ORP and H2 at drinkable levels.
Ideal drinking range is 9 - 9.5 pH. Measurements should also be taken at full flow.
6 pH Range (No Additives Used) 3.5 pH to 11 pH 4 pH to 10.5 pH 4 pH to 11 pH 4 pH to 11 pH
H2 Capacity 1.0+ ppm .5 ppm .8 ppm .8 ppm
-ORP Capacity -850 ORP -750 ORP -850 ORP -850 ORP
AlkaViva is the oldest importer of water ionizers outside Asia.
Owners of Life Ionizers and Tyent companies were AlkaViva dealers before importing themselves.
7 How Long Selling Ionizers 17 years 11 years 14 years 14 years
When Accredited With BBB? 2007 2008 Not 2009
Can Your Model Go Under The Counter And How Much Space Does it Take Up?
Does Company Offer A Dedicated Under Counter Model?
8 Can All Models Also Be Installed Under Counter?
Is Dedicated Under Counter Model Available?


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