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A Quick History of Water Ionizers

by Andrew Steer on September 07, 2023

The History of Water Ionisers

Original Water Ionizer

Back to the beginning

Water ionizers have been increasing in popularity for the last 50 years.

This is because the world is becoming more aware how the water these machines generate is an important tool for medical, clinical, industrial, commercial and personal use.

Originally embraced by Asian countries like Japan in the 50s and Korea in the 70s things have changed in the last decade or so.

Now people in the western world are discovering the significant health benefits available from hydrogen infused alkaline water supported by over 1000 peer reviewed articles and reports.

Scientific Pioneers

Let's go back to 1834 when famed scientist Michael Faraday first published two exciting new laws in 'The Laws of Electrolysis' from his experiments.

Then in 1850 Russian scientists used these laws to conduct the initial experiments on negative ions which would become one of the great moments in the quest for improving human health.

The Russians discovered that negative ions are critical to the body's survival. They further determined that it is impossible to attain optimum health if the body has a positive ion environment.

The next question was how to separate the health enhancing negative ions from the health degrading positive ions?

This gave birth to the first water ionizers in the early 1900s.

Ionized water is recognized as one of Russia's greatest scientific achievements in history.

Taking things to the Next Level

In 1931 Japanese scientists embraced these early findings and decided to research the effects of ionized alkaline water on human health.

They discovered they could separate water into alkaline and acid components through electrolysis and the alkaline water produced a negative oxidation reduction potential known as -ORP.

Therefore all they needed to do was separate these 2 components into an alkaline water chamber and an acid water chamber and that both these waters possessed their own specific uses to enrich human health.

 AlkaViva Kangen Tyent Water Ionizers




Japan conducts the first experiments using ionized alkaline water on plants and animals in several agricultural universities.

This research led doctors in Japan to confirm that ionized alkaline water contained many effective benefits to relieve various human health conditions.


The first commercial water ionizers were introduced into Japanese hospitals.


A special medical and agricultural research institute was established in Japan to further investigate the therapeutic benefits of alkaline water.


The Japanese Ministry of Health acknowledges alkaline water ionizers as a 'medical device for improving human health'. This leads to an explosion in alkaline ionizer manufacturing and use in Japanese homes. It is interesting to note that Japan currently has the highest percentage of centurions (over 100 years old) in the world!


Korean homes next embrace Japanese water ionizers and commence manufacturing Korean models to an extremely high standard. They are also declared as 'medical devices' by the Korean authorities to be used in clinics and hospitals.


Korean water ionizers start to make their way into homes in the USA.


An independent testing lab in LA conducts a toxicity test on the alkaline water produced by using the toxin laden tap water found in homes in LA as the source water for household water ionizers. The results concluded the ionized water to now be free of toxins. This is the beginning of these machines earning a loyal following worldwide.


This saw the global recognition of the benefits of alkaline water increasing and being widely accepted not just in Japan, Korea and the USA  but in far more countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa as well as widely throughout both Europe and Asia.

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