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    All our ionizers offer; 

    Proven Performance - Cutting edge technology, performance and durability from the world’s leading water ionizer manufacturer. 

    Advanced Alkalizing - We’ve been selling the best water ionizers across the world and producing the cleanest and healthiest alkaline water with amazing ORP, and H2 hydrogen rich saturation performance.

    Electric and Non-Electric Options - Choose from the world's most recommended and best performing water ionizers available or for a budget conscious choice see our range of non-electric options.

    Durability - A water ionizer’s performance can become compromised over time. Our ionizers and cleaning systems are light years ahead of the competition.

    Greener Technology - Our water ionizers are more efficient and so use less power than any other brand. Our water products replace the need for disposable plastic bottles.

    Leading Accreditation - We maintain the highest levels of accreditation across the alkaline industry.

    Finance Options - Get the water ionizer you want with a payment plan you can afford! 


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    Alkaline Water - the Basics and the Benefits

    Can a simple thing like drinking water actually make you healthier? Alkalized water is said to improve your health, boost your immune system, help your body absorb nutrients more quickly and fight aging among other benefits with its antioxidant-rich, H2 water and ORP properties. Find out more on the list of topics below at our Alkaline Info Page;

    Acid or Alkaline?

    1. So what is alkaline water?
    2. What is Kangen™ water and how does it work?
    3. How can I get alkaline drinking water?
    4. The Health Benefits of Alkaline Water
    5. What are some other Benefits of Alkaline Water
    6. What is Ionized Water
    7. What is UltraWater?
    8. Peer Reviewed Articles on Alkaline Diet
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    Why Choose AlkaViva Australia

    Cleanest Filtration - Only AlkaViva has the confidence to test their water filters using an independent US EPA-Certified lab to ensure you are drinking not only alkaline water but clean and purified water. See the results here.

    Alkaline Water Ioniser Certifications

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    Independent Reviews




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    What if there was a single natural way to reduce pain and inflammation? To improve your energy, cognitive function, exercise performance and recovery? To neutralize harmful free radicals and support your body’s enzyme and antioxidant production? And to also hydrate your cells plus generally support your overall health and wellness? Scientists have discovered that H2water – molecular 

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