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Hydrogen/Alkaline 700 Series Filters (6)

Elita CT-700 and US-700 Series UltraWater Alkaline Replacement Filters


Elita US-700 Under Sink Alkaline Water Ionizer Range


Elita CT-700 Alkaline Water Ionizer


Fluoride Filter for 10" x 2.5" Elita CT/US 700 Series Filter Systems


Non-Alkaline 700 Series UltraWater™ Replacement Filter for (CT-700, US-700, )


Elita USN-700 Undersink Water Filter (Non-Alkalising)


What an Ionized Water Filter Can Do for You

One of the functions of a good ionizing water filter is to remove the various contaminants while retaining minerals that are good for you. In addition to this, they undertake other processes that improve the quality and health benefits of the water.

The minerals that enter the water naturally become positively or negatively charged molecules (known as ions) depending on whether they gain or lose electrons. This determines the water’s pH level and it will be classed as neutral for a value of seven, acidic if below and alkaline when a higher value. The ideal level for drinking is eight to nine and, although this doesn’t seem a significantly different value, it really is. Alkalinity is measured on a logarithmic scale so, for example, a pH value of nine is actually ten times more alkaline than a level of eight.

Acidic water increases oxidation. Instead, an alkaline level of pH eight to nine is ideal since it acts as an antioxidant and counteracts oxidation that causes ageing and damage to cells and DNA — it’s the same thing that causes fruit to rot and metal to rust.

Oxidation is also prevented by the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) of the water, with lower values being more beneficial. The best water also contains dissolved hydrogen molecules in a form known as H2 water. This creates an extra electron that effectively neutralizes harmful free radicals that can damage our bodies. In effect, therefore, the best ionized water filter will deliver pure water that has low ORP, sufficient H2 and a drinkable level of alkalinity.

We firmly believe we produce the best ionizing water filter that is capable of producing the optimum levels of alkalinity, ORP and H2 content. They deliver the purest and healthiest water, consistently and conveniently, with great benefits for your long-term health.

Worried about your health? It's time to buy an ionizing water filter.

All around Australia reports have been coming in showing that there is good reason to be worried about the quality of Australian tap water. Australia is also one of the few countries that still persist in fluoridating the public water supply, even though it's been shown to be more harmful than beneficial.

Using an ionizing water filter can help you avoid the health problems associated with these harmful contaminants, and also may numerous provide health-boosting effects.

How an ionized water filter will help

Ionizing filters work by changing the polarity of water. This has many consequences. First, it helps to clean the water by breaking apart molecules of harmful compounds, which can then be removed by filtration.

After this, it helps to naturally raise the pH level of the water, making it more alkaline. And it also hydrogenates the water, and if consumed shortly after production, the extra hydrogen ions in the water will have an antioxidant effect.

When you use an ionizing filter, you end up with cleaner water that is more pure, tastes better, smells better, looks better, and just is better. This healthy clean water can help reverse some of the damage that has been done to your body after years of drinking raw tap water.

In addition, the increased alkalinity of the water can help relieve symptoms of gout, reflux, and exercise induced acidosis. Some research also indicates that alkaline water can be beneficial in maintaining skeletal health.

Order the best ionizing water filter online from AlkaViva

AlkaViva makes a range of affordable and effective ionizing water filters that you can buy direct online for even greater savings. You'll be able to make your purchase even more budget-friendly by opting to finance your new water filter with generous 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month payment plans. Plus if you don't agree this is the best ionized water filter to meet your needs, you can return it within 14 days for a prompt and courteous refund. See our returns policy for more details.

We are sure you will love the performance of your AlkaViva ionizing water filtration system, and also the many health benefits you will notice after you start using it regularly. The water coming out of your tap will be so much cleaner and better in every way than the terrible chemical cocktail served up by your local water authority.

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