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How Ionised Water is Different


AlkaViva™ ionised water is tap water that has been filtered using our UltraWater™ Filtration Technology, then altered using electrolysis to create reduced (negatively charged) water. When water is passed through the electrolysis chamber over charged platinum-electroplated, titanium electrodes, the water molecule is physically split into H+ (acidic water) and OH- (alkaline water). These two types of water concentrate on different sides of a membrane. Alkaline water has an abundance of negatively charged electrons, while acidic water has an abundance of positively charged electrons. The alkaline water exits through the drinking water spout, and the acidic water exits through the acidic water hose.

Alkalinity and pH

When water is ionised, it also concentrates the essential alkaline minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium that occur naturally in water. These minerals are transformed from bonded particles into charged ionic forms that are more bio-available. Ionised water also contains an abundance of the OH- or hydroxyl ions, the same ions the body uses to help stabilise and alkalise the pH of the blood, fluids and most tissues. These ions are essential in maintaining optimal health.


The H2 Infusion Advantage

The market focus for water ionizers is now on hydrogen performance. The water cell - the engine of the ionizer - has two components: electrodes and (ion exchange) membranes. Ionizer performance used to be entirely focused on pH/ORP and the electrodes. H2Infusion Technology is based on the fact that membranes are as critical as the electrodes.

Other ionizer manufacturers buy their membranes from outside sources. In comparison, our membranes are made in-house and are ultrasonically pressed, rather than bonded with chemicals. This provides you with a distinctly superior membrane that is designed to work specifically with our electrodes, giving unmatched performance.

When you marry our advanced SmartDesign electrodes to our infusion membranes, the result is H2Infusion Technology and better H2 performance. This is especially so at the better tasting lower levels of pH, which most people prefer to drink. 

Redox Potential

Normal tap water, for example, with a pH around 7 is approximately neutral on the pH scale of 0 to 14. When measured with an ORP (oxidation potential) meter its redox potential is approximately +400 to +500 mV. Because it has a positive redox potential, it is apt to acquire electrons and oxidise other molecules. Reduced ionised water, on the other hand, has a negative redox potential of approximately -250 to -550 mV (or less). This means it has a large mass of electrons ready to donate to electron-thieving, active oxygen.

Optimal Hydration

The process of electrolysis changes the surface tension and structure of water. Using a method called NMR spectroscopy, scientist have shown a significant reduction in the size of water molecular clusters, from 15-20 down to 5 or 6 water molecules per cluster. It becomes “wetter water” which can more easily penetrate cell membranes, offering a stream of hydration and renewal. The turnover of “fresh water in and waste out” helps our cells to work at peak performance. Foggy thinking, joint pains, constipation and digestive issues often resolve with proper hydration. Proper hydration takes your body from a stagnant “polluted lake” to one that is sparkling and “fed by glacial streams”.

Antioxidant Activity

The negative hydrogen ion (H-) is a powerful antioxidant found naturally in raw foods and ancient water sources like glacier streams, deep wells or aquifers, springs and lakes. The H- ion is the original antioxidant that allowed life to form and sustain itself. A water ioniser creates alterations to water that result in an abundance of H- ions. Ionised water carries a large mass of free electrons that can (as you change from dehydrated to hydrated) help neutralise free radicals in the body and block the oxidation of normal cells. It’s like drinking glass after glass of anti-oxidants that cling to and help neutralise the damaging, oxidising, free-radicals within your body.

Only AlkaViva has the confidence to test against other brands using a US EPA-Certified lab. See the results in the video below: