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                Hi Potency H2 Hydrogen Bottles (1)

                Hi Potency H2 Hydrogen Water Bottle 5,000 ppb


                The New AlkaViva Hi Potency H2 Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle - up to 5,000 ppb

                Now you can turn normal water into molecular H2 hydrogen-rich water anytime, anywhere you like. Take the bottle to work, the gym, the beach and enjoy all of the amazing benefits of your own portable H2 water generator. Simply push the button and in a couple of minutes your enjoying delicious Hi- Potency Hydrogen water. This bottle includes a super quick charge battery and is constructed from only the most premium materials.

                Hydrogen water is far more bio-available. This means the cells are more capable of absorbing all the nutrients in the water as well as any contaminants. It's why we recommend to only fill the H2 bottle with filtered, purified, bottled, or distilled water.

                This bottle can also be purchased in combination with a special pitcher to filter the water prior to generating H2 Hydrogen for drinking.

                Over 2,000 research papers have been published declaring the benefits of H2 hydrogen water include it being a powerful antioxidant, is anti inflammatory and also anti aging.

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