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                Electric Water Ionizers - The Highest Quality Alkaline Water (5)

                Athena Classic JS205 Water Ionizer


                Delphi H2 Undersink Alkaline Water Ionizer


                Melody II Water Ionizer - 5 Plates / 2 Filters


                Ultra Delphi IO400U Water Ionizer


                Vesta H2 Alkaline Water Ionizer



                The Principles of Electric Water Ionizers

                See below for the latest electric ionizers on sale in Australia and see how alkaline water is made in these machines. 


                Electric Water Ionizer Principles



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                The Quest for Alkaline Ionized Water

                A modern diet is typically acidic and this can, in the long-term, do much harm to our bodies. One way to counteract this is to drink plenty of alkaline water, although this is not available straight from the tap.

                An electric water ionizer will, if of the correct type, produce alkaline ionized water. Some ionizers produce water that is ionized but still acidic whereas you need to create alkaline ionized water for the greatest benefits.

                Striking the Correct Balance

                Many water ionizers, including ours, are capable of producing water that has a very high alkaline content — up to a rating of pH 12. However, this won’t taste good and isn’t recommended. Instead, a pH rating of 8 or 9 is the ideal in terms of palatability and health.

                In addition to achieving satisfactory pH levels, a good water ionizer machine will also be capable of producing:

                • an ORP level of -840, which denotes Oxidation Reduction Potential, a measure of the cleanliness of water and its ability to break down contaminants
                • H2 (molecular hydrogen, which has been scientifically proven to deliver numerous health benefits and is probably the most powerful antioxidant that there is) at 1.6 ppm (parts per million).

                Most water ionizers can’t do this, often only achieving satisfactory ORP and H2 levels at the cost of alkalinity that is too high, but ours have been proved to be able to achieve all the correct levels consistently. It’s vital, therefore, that whatever ionizer you choose, it has the capability to produce optimum H2, ORP and pH levels at the same time, every time.

                This isn’t easy to achieve, as evidenced by nearly every other electric water ionizer machine being unable to do it. All ours, however, can do it very well and we’re so sure of their capability that we provide a five year warranty with each one.

                Consistent Output and Results

                We achieve the necessary balance by producing water ionizers that are equally well-balanced. As a result, they can consistently achieve the ideal levels of ORP at -840 and H2 at 1.6 ppm while still delivering alkaline levels at a very drinkable 8 to 9 pH. Most other systems can produce a low level of H2 but only if pH levels are unacceptably high.

                Our ionizers achieve optimum levels through effective design that makes them operate at maximum efficiency. Features include:

                • a dual water filtration system that outputs the purest water from any ionizer using a thirteen stage process
                • advanced systems that tell you when the filters are due to be changed
                • highly engineered electrodes that deliver the best performance with minimum power usage and reliability
                • automatic cleaning process that prevents the build-up of scale and ensures performance levels don’t drop
                • full control of flow rates to ensure consistency of output
                • automatic power adjustment that produces optimum output levels.

                The electrode plates in the ionizer alter the charge of tap water chemicals to achieve the right balance of alkalinity. At the same time, virtually all contaminants are removed so you can drink the purest and healthiest water possible.

                AlkaViva offers the largest range of Alkaline Water & Flouride Filters. Read our review by Kangen™ Water or check out the How to Alkalise water guide. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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