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                Hydrogen/Alkaline Water Ionizers (3)

                Delphi H2 Undersink Hi-Output Alkaline/Hydrogen Water Ionizer


                Vesta H2 Hi-Output Alkaline/Hydrogen Water Ionizer


                Melody II Water Ionizer - 5 Plates / 2 Filters


                Hydrogen/Alkaline Water Ionizers

                There are a lot of us who live in an area where the water isn’t very fit to drink. While many may have given up on drinking from the tap, or using the water when we’re cooking, an alkaline water ionizer can provide a host of benefits.

                The number one advantage is, of course, the health benefits that a water ioniser can provide. From removing many harmful and unwanted chemicals to producing water with strong antioxidant properties, alkaline ionized water is completely safe to drink.

                At AlkaViva, we know exactly how important it is to have clean, healthy drinking water; this is why we always put our products through a variety of rigorous quality control tests. These tests ensure that the water that’s coming out of your tap is up to the standards that you’d expect from them.

                For the last 30 years, AlkaViva and Emco Tech has paved the way when it comes to making the latest alkaline water ionizer models providing clean, filtered, alkaline water to 60+ countries from all corners of the globe.

                We want to make safe drinking water available to everyone, which is why all of our products are designed to be effective, but affordable. With a variety of payment plans, we can also work with you so that you can purchase your system without having to put down too much of an up-front investment.
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                What is a water ionizer?

                A water ionizer (which is also referred to as an alkaline ionizer) is an appliance that raises the pH of drinking water. It does so by using a process called electrolysis where the water runs over positive and negative electrodes. When this occurs, the water is divided into two streams – one alkaline and one acidic.

                There are many amazing benefits to drinking alkaline water, including balancing your pH levels, supporting the immune system and preventing the development of certain bacteria and diseases. The body fights every day to maintain a balance between acid and alkaline, and drinking water that’s been treated with an ionizer can help to ensure your body is being fuelled by water that’s good for you.

                One of the most notable benefits of treating water with an ionizer is the limitation of free radicals. Many reports have suggested that having a significant number of free radicals in your system may be a contributing factor to the development of cancer.

                Because of that, it’s vital that you limit the amount of them that enter your body, and having an ionizing system for your water supply can be one of the easiest ways to do so. Furthermore, ionizing systems can have a variety of benefits for your skin.

                Discover the health benefits of alkaline and ionized water

                Many Australians are concerned about the quality of their tap water, and based on a growing body of evidence, there is good reason for that concern.

                Certainly most people do not like the taste, appearance, or smell of the tap water available in many areas of the country. Bottled water might sound like the best alternative, but because most bottled water is packaged in plastic, it's bad for the environment and potentially bad for your health too. Water that comes in glass bottles in Australia is usually very expensive and it's often mineral water, not pure water. Let's talk about that, too.

                Mineral water can be either good or bad for you depending on the source, the specific minerals contained in it, and your specific dietary needs. Some mineral waters may actually do more harm than good. It's difficult to know which ones you should choose without guidance.

                There's another option to consider, and it's going to be a much better option for most people. This option is to make your own alkaline and ionized water at home. You can do this with a special machine you can buy from AlkaViva. That's the "how", but it's time to talk about the "why".

                In the simplest possible terms, alkaline water is a little better for your health than ordinary purified water. It's also much better for your health than raw tap water. And it's of the most benefit to your health in places where the raw tap water is downright disgusting.

                While these health benefits will be noticeable for everyone who uses alkaline ionized water, the benefits will be more obvious for those who have conditions related to acid imbalance, such as gout and reflux.

                What a water ionizer does

                Water ionizers work by breaking down inorganic compounds in water on a molecular level. The science of this is a little complicated, but basically the idea is to pull the compounds apart using electromagnetism. This action alone is beneficial, but when combined with filtration, it results in very clean and pure water.

                Ionizers of a specific type can also induce an alkalising effect and, as already mentioned, alkaline water can have many potential positive effects on health.

                AlkaViva is the best water ionizer for the typical Australian household

                The water ionizing machines from AlkaViva have two distinct advantages. The first is that they are very effective, and the second is that they're very affordable compared to the market average.

                We have various models of water ionizing machines available that will suit different budget ranges, and to help make it even more affordable, we offer financing with 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month terms. Our least expensive model on a 12 month payment plan will set you back less per week than what you are probably spending now on bottled water, and it will prove to be a much better use of your money.

                If you want to experience better health, you can with an AlkaViva alkaline water ionizer. Get in touch with us today for more information.

                Choosing the Right Water Ioniser

                We have different models available so feel free to click into each individual product for more specific information.

                Confused as to what would be the best water ionizer for your home? No worries as we’ll happily work with you to ensure that you get the perfect system for your home. You can reach us on +61 (0)2 8283 0577.

                AlkaViva offers the largest range of Alkaline Water & Flouride Filters. Read our review by Kangen™ Water or check out the How to Alkalise water guide. Contact us today if you have any questions.

                The Quest for Alkaline Ionized Water

                A modern diet is typically acidic and this can, in the long-term, do much harm to our bodies. One way to counteract this is to drink plenty of alkaline water, although this is not available straight from the tap.

                An electric water ionizer will, if of the correct type, produce alkaline ionized water. Some ionizers produce water that is ionized but still acidic whereas you need to create alkaline ionized water for the greatest benefits.

                Striking the Correct Balance

                Many water ionizers, including ours, are capable of producing water that has a very high alkaline content — up to a rating of pH 12. However, this won’t taste good and isn’t recommended. Instead, a pH rating of 8 or 9 is the ideal in terms of palatability and health.

                In addition to achieving satisfactory pH levels, a good water ionizer machine will also be capable of producing:

                • an ORP level of -840, which denotes Oxidation Reduction Potential, a measure of the cleanliness of water and its ability to break down contaminants
                • H2 (molecular hydrogen, which has been scientifically proven to deliver numerous health benefits and is probably the most powerful antioxidant that there is) at 1.6 ppm (parts per million).

                Most water ionizers can’t do this, often only achieving satisfactory ORP and H2 levels at the cost of alkalinity that is too high, but ours have been proved to be able to achieve all the correct levels consistently. It’s vital, therefore, that whatever ionizer you choose, it has the capability to produce optimum H2, ORP and pH levels at the same time, every time.

                This isn’t easy to achieve, as evidenced by nearly every other electric water ionizer machine being unable to do it. All ours, however, can do it very well and we’re so sure of their capability that we provide a five year warranty with each one.

                Water Ionizers With Consistent Output and Results

                We achieve the necessary balance by producing water ionizers that are equally well-balanced. As a result, they can consistently achieve the ideal levels of ORP at -840 and H2 at 1.6 ppm while still delivering alkaline levels at a very drinkable 8 to 9 pH. Most other systems can produce a low level of H2 but only if pH levels are unacceptably high.

                Our ionizers achieve optimum levels through effective design that makes them operate at maximum efficiency. Features include:

                • a dual water filtration system that outputs the purest water from any ionizer using a thirteen stage process
                • advanced systems that tell you when the filters are due to be changed
                • highly engineered electrodes that deliver the best performance with minimum power usage and reliability
                • automatic cleaning process that prevents the build-up of scale and ensures performance levels don’t drop
                • full control of flow rates to ensure consistency of output
                • automatic power adjustment that produces optimum output levels.

                The electrode plates in the ionizer alter the charge of tap water chemicals to achieve the right balance of alkalinity. At the same time, virtually all contaminants are removed so you can drink the purest and healthiest water possible.

                You can have a water ionizer machine in your own home

                If you've tried ionized water before, you already know how much better it is than ordinary tap water, and that it's even better than many leading brands of bottled water. What you may not have known is that you can get this technology in your home, and it's actually much more affordable than you might expect.

                Using an electric water ionizer can potentially have many health benefits. Exactly what benefits and the efficacy may vary a bit depending on the brand and model chosen.

                AlkaViva sells a range of high quality water ionizing machines at realistic prices. We have a mission to help as many people as possible to discover the advantages of drinking ionized water.

                Ionized water while traveling – choose a portable electric water ionizer

                There was a time when these machines were too big and heavy to be portable, but technology is getting better all the time. Now it's possible to take the benefits of ionized water on the road with you. We never travel without an ionizer, because once you've tried ionized water you can never really go back to drinking raw tap water.

                The taste and clarity of ionized water is just so far superior to normal tap water that it almost defies comparison.

                Drink better quality water with an electric ionizer machine

                Drinking tap water is supposed to be safe but we all know that you should not be drinking those chemicals in the tap water. The best way to ensure you're not drinking them is to filter them out and break down the potentially harmful molecules with ionization. Electric water ionizers are considered the best option as they work to ionize all of the healthy, alkaline minerals including magnesium, calcium and potassium. Ionizing these minerals makes them more readily available to absorb into your cells.

                Enjoy better health and better quality water with a water ionizing machine from AlkaViva.

                Why choose AlkaViva for Your Water Ionizer Machine?

                • We offer a 14 day money back guarantee (check our terms and conditions).
                • If something does go wrong with your electric water ionizer, you can be confident with your AlkaViva Warranty (Limited) and our great customer service.
                • We offer free shipping on all new products.
                • Payment plans are available.
                • Enjoy local support and, as we operate a fully stocked repair service in Sydney, there will be no need to send your unit(s) overseas for minor repairs.
                • We offer the best water ionizer prices available direct in Australia. No MLM (Multi Level Marketing) margins and markups.
                • Our team is dedicated to offering the very best in customer service and support.

                AlkaViva Water Ionizer: The Best Water Ionizer Machines

                The benefits of alkaline water are numerous. By neutralizing the acidity in your body – often caused by stress, poor diets and environmental factors – alkaline water can boost your immune system’s performance. What’s more, our systems keep the beneficial minerals that keep important parts of your body in perfect working order.

                Get the Best Water Ionizer from AlkaViva Today

                Using a high-quality water ionizer, it’s now possible to have alkaline water on tap in your own home, so that you and your family can benefit from its numerous positive side effects. If you’re looking to purchase a water ionizer machine, you’ll want to get the very best. These machines are complex, and you’ll want to have full faith in the manufacturer that you choose.

                To help you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing your ionizing water filter, here’s a closer look at our company and why AlkaViva are the natural choice for countless Australians.

                Countless Accreditations and Certificates

                You’ll want to get a water system that is proven to achieve the results that you need. This means that you should look out for those products and businesses which have received official accreditations and stamps which mark their quality.

                Our business and our products have been certified by countless bodies and institutions. This means that you can have complete faith in the quality and functionality of our products. We have been recognised by bodies in the US, Europe and beyond.

                If you’re looking for a reliable solution that is proven to quickly and comprehensively produce the alkaline water that keeps you healthy, then look no further than AlkaViva.

                Payment Plans Available on All Alkaline Water Machines

                We know that these machines can be expensive, but they’re also very important for your health. We believe that nobody should go without something that can benefit their health due to inhibitive prices. This is why it’s important to us that we offer a range of payment plans to our customers.

                This means that whatever your financial situation, you’ll be able to get access to the product you need to live a healthy life. You’ll find that our plans vary and mean you can even get an incredible system from under $10 a week.

                If you have questions about our payment plans, then you should be sure to get in touch with our helpful representatives. We will be delighted to offer you the help and information that you need to make an informed and accurate choice that is right for you.

                Legions of Happy, Healthy Customers

                Perhaps the main reason to trust in our company is the legion of happy and healthy customers that we have throughout Australia. Their reviews and testimonials make us incredibly proud, and you can find a range of them on our website and on other review platforms. You’ll see how our products truly change the lives of our customers and achieve amazing results.

                Contact Us Today

                If you are ready to transform the health of you and your family, then be sure to visit our website today. You’ll find a lot of information about the products that we have available and how you can go about securing one of them.

                If you have any questions, then feel free to let us know – we’re here to help!

                Quality, Affordable Water Machines From AlkaViva

                Not all of us are lucky to live in an area with a healthy and clean water supply, so many of us need to use a water machine to keep our water clean and healthy. We’re here to help you find the best water machine for your home or commercial space so that you can rest assured that the water coming from your tap is clean and safe.

                We’re AlkaViva and our goal is to provide the cleanest and healthiest water for everybody at affordable prices.

                Instead of just selling you a product and walking away, we want to make sure that you’re perfectly satisfied with the product you’re getting and that you’re happy once it’s installed and running. Because of this, we test each of our products extensively so that they live up to the highest possible standards.

                Benefits Of A Water Machine

                If you’re not wholly convinced whether you should invest in a water filter for your home in Australia, the benefits of having one should get you off the fence. The most significant benefit is how healthy they can make your water supply, straight out of the tap.

                • With a water machine, water molecules are changed and improved so that it can more effectively deliver the health benefits that you should be enjoying from the water you’re drinking.
                • Water machines also increase the alkaline content of your water, which helps to neutralise a variety of diseases that may be passed on through water. Because of that, you’re cutting off any diseases before they even have a chance to develop. And who doesn’t want a healthier water supply without having to buy bottled water?
                • Furthermore, it’s been shown that this kind of water can help oxygenate your blood a whole lot more effectively than regular tap water, meaning you’ll feel even more health benefits.
                • Water machines offer heavy metal protection (including iron, mercury, and led)
                • The The AlkaViva TRIDENT Whole House Water Filter System is a low cost option that is suitable for those that want safe water without the heavy price tag. All machines are made using the best quality materials on the market.

                Have a question About Our Ionizers? Get in touch with us.

                For more information, just reach out to our team today and we’ll be happy to help you. You can call us on +61 (0)2 8283 0577, send an email to info@alkaviva.com.au or use our live chat feature.

                AlkaViva offers the largest range of Alkaline Water & Flouride Filters. Read our review by Kangen™ Water or check out the How to Alkalise water guide. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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                The Principles of Electric Water Ionizers

                See below for the latest electric ionizers available in Australia and see how alkaline water is made in these machines. 

                Electric Water Ionizer Principles

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