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                Flouride Filters (34)

                Elita CT-700 and US-700 Series UltraWater™ Alkaline Replacement Filter


                0.1 Micron Biostone Replacement Alkaline Water Filter


                UltraWater Replacement Filter For Emco Tech Electric Water Ionizer


                H2 Series Replacement Filters - Vesta H2, Athena H2, Delphi H2 and Melody II


                Melody II Water Ionizer - 5 Plates / 2 Filters


                Perfect Pitcher Replacement Water Filter


                Fluoride Pre-Filter (External Filter)


                Perfect Pitcher/Water Jug Filter


                Elita US-700 Undersink Water Ionizer + Fluoride Pre-Filter


                Fluoride — is it a Good Thing or a Threat to your Health?

                Fluoride is often added to the water supply and included in some toothpaste because it is known to provide some protection against tooth decay. However, it also has toxic properties, particularly if ingested in large quantities, and so many people wish to avoid it altogether. Even relatively low quantities can be harmful for some people and those trying to avoid it are increasing in numbers. Read More

                When fluoride is in the water supply, it’s very difficult to avoid or even control how much enters your body. That’s particularly significant in the case of young children who can easily exceed the recommended daily intake without realising it.

                Why You Should Buy a Fluoride Filter to Reduce the Risk

                There are several measures you can take to cut down on the amount of fluoride you and your family ingest. These include:

                • buying only organic wine or grape juice since some grapes, particularly in America, are sprayed with a fluoride pesticide; alternatively, buy products that don’t originate in the US
                • not using a fluoride toothpaste that, particularly in the case of young children, can easily be swallowed and cause fluoride to enter the bloodstream
                • avoiding using fluoridated tap water when making infant formula milk since this produces a level of fluoride that is far too high for a baby, about 100 to 200 times more than occurs naturally in breast milk
                • not using Teflon coated pans that can increase food’s fluoride content
                • not drinking too much tea, either green or black, which can have high levels of fluoride
                • refraining from the consumption of mechanically deboned chicken (such as chicken nuggets) and processed beverages (for example, soda) that are often manufactured using fluoridated water
                • checking everything you consume for fluoride content and avoid anything where it’s too high.

                Despite doing all this, it’s difficult to completely avoid the fluoride that’s in your tap water unless you use only bottled water, which is expensive, inconvenient and not very environmentally friendly due to the large amounts of plastic bottles that will result. A much better way is to use a fluoride filter to purify your tap water.

                Get the Best Fluoride Filter you can Buy for Maximum Benefit

                Many of the water filters you can buy will remove a lot of the contaminants and create healthy alkaline water but won’t remove fluoride. All our filters, however, are extremely effective at removing all impurities, including fluoride.

                Water filters come as various types, starting with a water pitcher that filters out fluoride and other contaminants. This product is popular for occasional use and small enough to be stored in the refrigerator but can only be used for relatively low volumes of water. A far better option for regular use is one of our water filters, which attaches to the tap and automatically and quickly filters all the water that passes through it.

                Buying a fluoride filter online from us is the best, most affordable and most effective way of avoiding harmful contaminants, including fluoride. Get one today to safeguard the health of your family.

                Fluoride can present a host of health issues, and it’s found within public water systems in huge quantities. Many people prefer to find a fluoride filter which is capable of removing this industrial chemical from their water.

                This has never been easier, thanks to a wealth of filters that are available on the market today. If you’re looking to purchase your own, then you’ll want to do extensive research to find the one that’s perfect for your needs. This can be time-consuming, so to help you with the process here’s a closer look at our products and our business.

                The Best Fluoride Filter on the Market

                Our Trident System is the ultimate filtration solution, using a triple-stage filtration system to protect your entire home. Three 20-inch filters are used, each of them manufactured using proprietary and patented technology. This system works to remove a range of impurities from your water while also offering you protection against a host of virus and bacteria that thrive in water.

                This means that the fluoride content in your water will be eradicated, helping you to live a healthy life free from the risks that it poses. If you’re looking for the ultimate filter to keep yourself and your family safe, then look no further.

                Competitive Pricing

                Our Trident system is a low-cost solution and it offers incredibly competitive pricing when compared to the solutions that are offered by our competitors. If you are looking to find a solution that won’t break the bank, then you’ve found it. Our system balances cost with quality, meaning that you get the best system possible for your money.

                Not only are our prices competitive, but we also offer a wide range of payment plans. This means that you can pay for your system in instalments, avoiding the pitfalls and challenges that come with making a big-ticket purchase. You can find out more about our financing options on our website, and feel free to contact our helpful representatives should you have any questions.

                Made from the Best Materials

                Our products are built from the very best materials. Put together in the US and South Korea; they also benefit from excellent craftsmanship that ensures they are durable and last for many years to come.

                If you want evidence of the quality of our systems, then be sure to check through our reviews. We have countless glowing recommendations from happy customers who have had our water systems for many years. This durability means that you can count on our system to work for you and your family without any issues.

                Visit Our Website Today

                Ready to learn more about our system and potentially make your purchase? You’ll find a huge wealth of information available on our website, explaining in thorough detail just how our systems are composed and how they work to keep your family safe.

                If you have any questions about the system, our business or our prices, then you can contact our helpful representatives. They will be delighted to answer any questions that you might have!

                Get Your Fluoride Filter from AlkaViva Today

                AlkaViva offers the largest range of Alkaline Water & Flouride Filters. Read our review by Kangen™ Water or check out the How to Alkalise water guide. Contact us today if you have any questions.

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