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Tap Water or Bottled Water? It's Time to Rethink your Water

by John Vassila on January 28, 2020

Tap water?

In Australia, the most discerning of us believe that water directly out of the tap may be safe to drink but it just doesn’t taste great. In fact, levels of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, hormones and heavy metals have all been detected in our water system. A particular concern is that research has shown that men are increasing their oestrogen levels through drinking tap water due to many of the hormone replacement therapies that are getting flushed down the toilet.

In addition to all of these chemicals, Australia has been using a water fluoridation program since the 1960’s. Fluoride is added to our water with the aim of protecting children’s teeth and preventing tooth decay in adults. It’s likely you are already aware of this, but most of us would be aghast if we discovered that other ‘medicine’ is also added to our water supply for pharmaceutical purposes. Just some of the most popular pesticides and herbicides that have been detected in our water include: glyphosate and atrazine, 2,4-D. 

Some of the most hazardous metals detected include: antimony, linked to microscopic changes in organs and tissues; arsenic, linked to cancer of the lungs, bladder, liver and skin; barium, linked to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease; boron, linked to reproductive effects, cadmium, linked to kidney damage, as well as lead, mercury and uranium.

Recently microplastics and microbeads have found their way into our water table and are showing up in our drinking water and even in tap water. Microplastics come from a variety of industrial and waste sources, including from larger plastic debris that degrades into smaller and smaller pieces. In addition, microbeads, a type of microplastic, are very tiny pieces of manufactured polyethylene plastic that are added as exfoliants to health and beauty products, such as some cleansers and toothpastes. These tiny particles easily pass through water filtration systems and pose serious health risks.


Bottled water?

So what's the alternative? You know it’s bad for the environment and it’s expensive, but if you’re still drinking bottled water because you enjoy the taste, you might want to take a closer look at this bit of news. Some big brands have sold bottled water that smells like sulphur or (how can we put this delicately)… like a toilet.

Many agencies have studied this but the most in depth analysis comes from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), their report has said the stinky bottled water that has had customers complaining does not pose a danger but I’m pretty sure the smell alone would be a deterrent for most consumers.

Those smells “are typically associated with spoilage microorganisms and are not considered [indicative of] pathogens of public health concern,” the CFIA have said. If we, as consumers, are being urged to be unconcerned by bottled water that smells like sewerage then I wonder what we should be concerned about.

When presented with the laboratory report, a spokesperson for one of the bottling companies responded: “To be honest with you, we have no idea why it is high. Concerning our source, nothing changed, and all the parameters are good.”

If these cases are so apparent to the naked eye, or rather the naked nose, then what about those that are not so immediately affronting but are equally suspicious?

The AlkaViva solution

The answer to this water dilemma is perfectly clear – purified and filtered tap water. There are simple and affordable solutions to ensure that the water your body receives is clean, fresh and as free from chemical, organic and plastic contaminants as possible. AlkaViva can provide you with the most effective water filtration systems, able to remove from 5 microns to as little as .1 microns of fibers. Since most of the fibers are 10 microns in size, these filters are able to remove almost all of the plastic fibers from tap water. We also offer specialty filters, such as the Fluoride Filter – USA Made Inline Water Filter that removes fluoride and acts as an additional filtration to your system.

Our ionizers and filters ensure that the water that you’re drinking is not only pure but you’ll immediately notice that the water you are now drinking tastes and smells fresh and clean.

For instance, the Elita Pure Water Ionizer has eight layers of filtration and energizing media to ensure the cleanest most vital water that your body can benefit from. The Elita Pure removes more harmful contaminants (virtually 99.9%) than its more expensive ionizer competitors, including bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals and fluoride and chlorine. Not only does this water filter remove harmful chemicals, it adds beneficial hydrogen, magnesium, calcium and pH-balancing alkalinity to your water.

Drinking clean, mineralised water is not only good for your health but it tastes amazing! The Elita Pure works exactly like nature to filter, alkalise and naturally energize water returning it to its most natural state. With water this delicious you’ll want to drink more water, more often.

The Elita Pure is a non-electric water filter that conveniently sits on top of your counter, with a sleek German design that would suit any kitchen. Easy to install and portable, the Elita Pure does not require a transformer, internal plumbing, flow sensors, diodes or any other electronic parts so that it is completely maintenance free. Every time you install a new filter you virtually get a new AlkaViva Elita Pure Water Ionizer and H2 system. At only $599, the Elita Pure is affordable, attractive and elegant to suit any style kitchen and is simple to install. The Elita Pure is a freestanding model. It is also easy to transport for holiday travel, campers and cottage.

Take a look at our full range of countertop and under-counter ionizers and filters which now infuse dissolved hydrogen (the superfood of water) into every drop. Find us online at alkaviva.com.au or call +61 2 8283 0577 to speak to one of our water experts to help you determine which system is the most suitable for your needs.

It's time to Rethink your Water. 

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