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The Impact of Heavy Metals with Food & Nutritional Scientist Dr Ranga

by Tobi Cornwell on May 27, 2021

Wellness with Dr Ranga

Our environments, both External and Internal, are becoming increasingly TOXIC. 

We are exposed to chemical, microbial, electromagnetic, air, and water pollution through our exposure to the outside world. Emotional Toxic States created within our inner world as  we are experiencing  mental/emotional  stresses on a daily basis our health and our children's health are being compromised.

Heavy Metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel are a major source of toxicity leading to chronic degenerative diseases. Cancer, neurological and neurodegenerative conditions including dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, MS, Autism, ADD/ADHD, anxiety and depression are on the rise partly due to the increased levels of heavy metals in water, air, food, and other sources.

While funding has always supported conventional research, funding for preventative medicine education such as trialing novel non-invasive, non-toxic natural and Bio-Energetic treatments and investigative health assessments are very limited.

A few basic preventative measures you can do to support your health are:

1. Ensure you drink purified water that is in the alkaline range and most importantly negatively charged. This means the water is high in electrons, the primary antioxidant.**

2. Buy organic food and consume a diet that is at least 70% plant based.

3. Use organic beauty and skin care products.

4. Since it is difficult to avoid exposure to air pollution, you can take two actions. One: buy an air purifier for home and Two: take a hydrogen antioxidant tablet, such as H2Viva, daily to protect blood from free radical damage from exposure to toxic chemicals.

5. Ensure your water purifier is high quality and that it also increases molecular hydrogen level, thus negative charge of water.**

6. Get a special health assessment to check your heavy metal load, dental amalgam toxicity, electromagnetic stress, liver detox state, and level of oxidative stress via a simple blood test.

- Written for AlkaViva Australia by Dr Ranga Premaratna.

***H2Viva is a formula that instantly reduces oxidative stress by releasing electrons.

**AlkaVIva Alkaline Water Ionizer is the #1 best-performing ionizer.

AlkaViva Australia has a large range of options for removal of 99% of 249+ contaminants, including heavy metals from your water - choose from a selection of products to find your match here or call AlkaViva on 02 8405 7998 for a free consultation.

 Dr Ranga

Dr Ranga Premaratna is a Food & Nutritional Scientist based in Mosman, Sydney and specialises in Clinical Nutrition, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Bio-Energetic Healing, and Meditation training. Follow Dr Ranga on Instagram @drrangawellness or sign up to his blogs at drrangawellness.com