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Why Drink Alkaline Water?

by Amanda DeAmicis on August 06, 2016



Your body is naturally alkaline with a blood pH level of 7.365. Multiple metabolic systems work hard to maintain that pH as everyday things like breathing, exercising, and eating create acidic waste that must be neutralized and eliminated.

Our diet plays an important role in providing the body with the alkaline minerals it needs to create the right pH for health. Today’s highly processed diet filled with junk food, sugary drinks, and acid-forming foods challenge the body’s ability to maintain pH balance. The body taps the minerals it stores in your bones and tissues in order to keep your blood pH in a tight alkaline range.

Your body’s pH level has an effect on every part of your body – the cells, tissues, lymphatic fluids, joints, glands, organs, and organ systems. –When you eat alkalizing foods and drink alkalizing beverages, it give the body more buffering capacity as it keeps your blood at 7.365. Because it is not stealing alkaline mineral reserves from other place, this reduces metabolic stress at a cellular level. Less stress means less illness and dis-ease.

Why Drink Alkaline Water?

As you can see by the chart below, your choice of beverage has a significant impact on the pH of what you put into your body. Tap water, in addition to carrying many chemical contaminants, is generally pH neutral. Bottled water, in addition to contributing 24,000+ chemicals to your body’s already stressed detoxification systems, is almost always acidic. Soda pop? Highly acidic.


That’s why more and more people choose to drink clean, healthy, alkaline water made right from their tap using AlkaViva’s UltraWater filtration systems and home water ionizers.

What about Kangen Water™? It’s a brand of alkaline, ionized water, no different than any other produced by a home water ionizer. You don’t need to pay more to get the best, especially the best filtration. It makes no sense to put contaminated water into our body, even if it is alkaline.

It’s pretty easy for your body to get out of balance in our  modern world. Stress, lack of sleep, over consumption of acid-forming foods (sugar, processed foods, alcohol, soda pop) all push the body into the acidic pH range. Your body has to work harder to maintain its optimal pH level, accessing alkalizing minerals stored in the bones, organs and other tissues. Depleting alkaline buffers in the body opens the door to imbalance and dis-ease. Viruses, fungus, yeast and bacteria thrive in acidic environments!

The role of alkaline water has been recognized by the World Health Organization who now recommends consuming mineral water to maintain optimal health.