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What is so important about Ionizing and Filtration Technology ? How does a water ionizer work? Which water ionizer is the best for you? What creates value in an ionizer? What kind of filters are needed to make the cleanest, healthiest water? With a growing number of companies now entering the filtration and water ionizing market how can you know which system is best? At AlkaViva our goal is to eliminate the confusion with clear, simple, factual information. With the proper understanding, you can make a clear choice. We believe that after seeing the facts the choice will be simple – AlkaViva’s Technology!


Discover why water ionisers are the health water choice for millions worldwide. Renowned healing waters are all clean, higher in pH and negatively charged. An AlkaViva ioniser uses water from your tap to recreate the healthiest AND cleanest water you can drink. Find out more about Ionising and Filtration Technology


Only the USA-made, UltraWater filtration system has been rigorously tested in an independent, government approved, EPA-certified laboratory to show a 99.9% removal of virtually all contaminants. Find out more  about Ionising and Filtration Technology 


We drink alkaline ionised water for the healthy properties. The electrodes cause the ionization which deliver these benefits. The proprietary electrode technology in AlkaViva ionisers sets the industry standard. Find out more  about Ionizing and Filtration Technology Electrodes


Before you buy an ioniser it is crucial you understand what type of cleaning cycle it employs, and what other adjustments the company offers to deal with the extreme hard water found in some communities. How long your investment lasts also depends on the support and service you will get when you need it. When you join hands with AlkaViva (A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau), you can be sure of support and helpful advice if needed. Find out more about AlkaViva 


When you partner with AlkaViva, you partner with the #1 water ioniser company in the world. Emco Tech has been manufacturing ionisers over 30 years for companies such as Samsung, Toyo, LG and Hyundai. AlkaViva exclusively offers the top-performing Emco Tech line of ionisers, including the Samsung Vesta GL.