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Mesh or Solid Plates

There are three, distinctly different, types of plate designs offered in the market today and each has its own advantages or disadvantages. These are solid plates, slotted plates and mesh plates. These differences have a dramatic effect on power delivery inside of the cell. All three types of plates can deliver the electrical current to the water, but why are our plates the most efficient? Easy … it our unique Progressive Plate Technology!

Traditional Flat Plates

A traditional flat plate has no way to organize or channel the current being delivered. This means it has an inconsistent saturation of electrons. They could be anywhere on that plate, are often channeled together and are not effectively or evenly dispersed. They will move across the plate finding the path of least resistance. This would be like watering a flat garden - the water would run to the low spots and pool there. This would result in an inconsistent delivery of power and less efficient and effective ionization results. This concept is especially crucial to ORP performance.

Slotted Plates

In contrast to a flat plate, with slotted, there is a clear path for the electrons to travel in more predictable directions - effectively distributing the power in a consistent pattern. When we till our garden into rows and irrigate we are channeling the water to be delivered to the roots where it is needed most. The slotted plate is more effective than the traditional flat plate.

Mesh Plates

A mesh plate uses the same principle as the slotted plate, but improves upon it by providing cross-channeling to more evenly direct electron flow. The applied current more evenly saturates the plate, increasing the effective delivery of electrical current to create better alteration in your water. Mesh plate technology is just like the best irrigation systems: we channel our power most effectively to deliver it where it is needed most.

Next Generation Smart Switch Solid Plates

The genius of the R&D engineers at Emco Tech is their dedication to pairing technological advances with the right components. SmartSwitch Solid Plates are a perfect example of that commitment. The new solid plate design is the next step in DSE (Dimensionally Stable Electrode) technology. It is engineered and coated to synergistically work with the new SmartSwitch power delivery system in the Vesta to optimize performance. Yet it stays with our seminal philosophy that technological advancement goes the direction of more compact and efficient design…not bigger. Available only in the Vesta and the new Ultra Delphi.