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Well Water

AlkaViva water ionisers are designed to produce high quality filtered ionised water from municipal (treated) water systems that do not exceed the following water quality parameters:

  • Hardness (or Calcium Carbonate) over 150ppm (8.5 grains)
  • Iron over .3ppm
  • TDS below 40ppm or over 600ppm
  • Calcium above 50ppm

Treated municipal water in some areas of the country and some well water sources anywhere in Australia may exceed these parameters.

If your source water is from a well, it must be analyzed to make sure there are no unsafe levels of contaminants. If seen as necessary pre-filtration solutions can be provided to ensure the safety of your water plus performance and longevity of your investment.

If you have water softeners or other filtration in place, please get the water tested after this filtration. We want to know what is in the water that will be going into your ioniser.

For the health of you and your family, we also recommend testing your well water for other constituents including coliform bacteria, nitrites/nitrates, arsenic, and fluoride. These can all be dealt with by an appropriate pre-filter.

The information we require to insure maximum benefit and functionality are: TDS (total dissolved solids), hardness, pH, iron, and calcium.

Your local County or State Health Agency may offer free or low cost water testing. We recommend contacting them first.

Email a copy of your water report to AlkaViva Pty Ltd – including levels of TDS, Calcium, Hardness and Iron – for a free analysis. Once your report has been reviewed we will recommend the ideal pre-filtration system for your situation, if needed.

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