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The Ultimate in Ionising Technology

by Dan Delian on February 12, 2016

AlkaViva has been selling water ionizers for over 13 years in the USA and about 30 countries worldwide.  We have only worked exclusively with the most recognized and established manufacturers to provide a quality range at affordable prices. Quality is especially important when it comes to making sure that your important investment will not only last, but continue to give top perform for many years. That is why all our ionizers automatically clean in the background with every use.

Recognizing that it makes little sense to ionize water that has not first been well filtered, AlkaViva decided to manufacture its own made-in-USA filters. To this end we spent over 24 months and lots of money before having our filters tested by a Government certified (EPA) testing laboratory.  The results are available on the alkaviva.com website and speak for themselves. No other ionizer importer has anything close to this level of filtration.

The Tennant Company, a recognized leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions that help create a cleaner, safer, healthier world, decided to “go green” by using very strong ionized water, which is known to be extremely cleansing, in their machines. Before deciding who would create their ionization technology machines, they spent over $200,000 just in researching all the major ionizer companies to see who the best is. After all that research and money investment Tennant selected AlkaViva, to create their equipment. That’s a tremendous endorsement of the quality of our manufacturers in the water ionizer industry.

1) AlkaViva’s manufacturers offer world class Research and Development that includes ongoing improvements in cutting edge ionization. This is why our ionizers consistently produce such strong levels of H2 – or dissolved diatomic hydrogen.

2) AlkaViva’s manufacturers have been in the US market longer than any other ionization company – over 15 years. This is extremely important as water conditions are very different here than in Asia.

3) AlkaViva’s manufacturers sell more ionization technology worldwide than any other company, exporting to over 70 countries world-wide.  They are also the leading manufacturers in Asia.

4) AlkaViva’s manufacturers sell the top performing ionizers on the market.  AlkaViva is the only ionizer company which has commissioned an EPA-certified, third party, independent lab to document the performance of different brand ionizers. In that independent test, by Silver State Labs in Nevada, seven top selling ionizers were tested and in that recorded testing, we produced the highest antioxidant levels.

5) AlkaViva’s manufacturers continue to lead with the lowest return/repair rate in the industry.

6) AlkaViva’s manufacturers offer the newest and most efficient mesh and solid plate electrodes (ionization plates) ensuring top performance.  The proprietary electrode technology in AlkaViva ionizers sets the industry standard.

8) AlkaViva’s manufacturers’ unrivaled and patented DARC internal cleaning system is the finest available on the market.  The DARC filtration system protects your ionizer for years to come from the scale buildup that deteriorates performance and machine lifespan in other ionizers.  This is paramount to the ionized water quality and lifespan of your ionizer machine.

9) You can be confident with your AlkaViva Lifetime Warranty (limited) and our top notch customer service and technical department.  How long your investment lasts also depends on the support and service you will get when you want it.  When you join hands with AlkaViva (A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau), you can be sure of support and helpful advice if needed.

10) AlkaViva’s dedicated technical department reps can help you with anything from simple product questions to the most difficult trouble shooting situation. We are the only ionizer company to have Water Quality Association Certified Water Specialists on staff.

11) Only AlkaViva’s USA-made dual “UltraWater” filtration system has been rigorously tested in an independent, government approved, EPA-certified laboratory to show a 99.9% removal of virtually all contaminants.

12)Our ionizers are more efficient and so use less power than any other brand.

Information presented here is for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and as such shall not be construed as medical advice implied or otherwise. No claims are made with respect to treatment of any physically diseased condition and no attempt is ever made to dissuade individuals from seeking medical treatment for any condition. In addition, this equipment, technology and products have not been evaluated by the FDA, nor are they intended to treat, cure, mitigate, diagnose or prevent any illness or disease. -

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