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The H2 Series of Water Ionizers Has Arrived

by Amanda DeAmicis on April 19, 2016

The Solution to Alkaline Water and H2 Infused Water in Your Home

Our new H2 series of Ionisers is now available to create the freshest alkaline water in your home and the daily benefits of H2 infused water. Over 500 studies show that molecular hydrogen or H2 has a therapeutic benefit in 140 health conditions and disease models.

The H2 series offers a stylish, fully featured and top performing water ionizer and alkaliser. The They have been selling quickly and getting incredible feedback from customers and dealers. Check out the new range at;


Under Sink Options

The H2 series can now be easily installed under your sink with our great conversion units, see some of the options at http://www.alkaviva.com.au/collections/installation-options/products/faucet-tap-undersink-kit-double-spouted-1

New and Improved

UltraDelphi Ionizer (IO400U)The UltraDelphi has just been improved, the improvements include stronger wattage, improved efficiency and a superior solenoid with no need for the knob on the faucet tower any longer!

H2Viva Hydrogen Tablets

H2 Saturated Water

H2Viva is the most powerful and proven molecular hydrogen delivery system. Hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific articles indicate therapeutic benefits in over 130 disease models.


Why choose AlkaViva Australia

  • Best selling Ioniser brands in the world across over 60 countries, manufactured since 1982
  • Independent Laboratory Testing - see our world leading Test Results
  • AlkaViva Australia is a fully Australian owned company importing direct from the manufacturer to ensure best value for your dollar
  • AlkaViva Australia operates a fully stocked service centre in Sydney so no need to send our units overseas for minor repairs