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Cooking Tips with Jenna Law using Alkaline water!

by Tobi Cornwell on April 28, 2020


In our new tutorial series we are pleased to share some tips on how to use your alkaline water when cooking.
Sydney-based foodie, Jenna Law, shows us her tips on the many uses for your AlkaViva Alkaline Ionizer in the kitchen.
Ways to use your alkaline water:
  * Juices, Smoothies
  * Cooking rice
  * Alkaline water/greens 
  * Washing pesticides off fruits and vegetables


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Stay healthy!


What Alkaline Water Ioniser is Jenna Using?

The Vesta H2 is our most popular ionizer, producing excellent alkalised, ionized water and removing 99.99% of 172+ contaminants straight from your tap. The Vesta H2 has 9 platinum/titanium electrodes plates and is the most premium model. All AlkaViva’s ionizers have an average life of 15+ years. The machines are self-cleaning and do not require annual services like other models.