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How To Get The Benefits of Water Infused Molecular Hydrogen

by John Vassila on February 10, 2019

Water Infused Molecular Hydrogen

What are the benefits?

With well over 900+ world leading studies independently commissioned in Japan and thousands more throughout the world, it is easy to see why Hydrogen benefits to the human body is becoming like the single largest health advancement in decades.

According to the Japanese studies, Over 120 diseases and health conditions all showed positive effectiveness to molecular Hydrogen (H2).   More info

Water infused molecular Hydrogen is such a small molecule and therefore is most capable of providing benefits to every single cell in the body. A most crucial element in the maintenance and general support of the human body.

Studies on water infused molecular hydrogen indicate beneficial effects on:

  • Recovery and lactic acid build up
  • Antioxidant capability
  • Inflammation support
  • Cell signalling enhancement

Simply put a Hincrease naturally resurrect the body back to peak performance – More info

“I speak to many people each day, many of which have illnesses and chronic symptoms who have benefited from the impact of good quality hydrogenated/alkalised water.”

John A Vassila

H2 Water Family

Feel the Difference


 An Embraced H2 Water Hero

Tyler LeBaron - a H2 Hero

Biochemist Tyler LeBaron, has paved the path as the worlds foremost molecular hydrogen authority. Tyler LeBaron has an amazing web site containing scientific studies and information.

Tyler’s LeBaron‘s website 

H2 future video 

The easiest way to get Molecular Hydrogen

The Elita Pure Water Ionizer

The Elita Pure Non-Electric Ionizer & Hydrogen Generator

The Elita Pure is the world’s most advanced water filter unit. It purifies, alkalizes, ionizes and infuses the water with molecular hydrogen. And… it’s very affordable!

Why buy the Elita Pure – video here.

  • Easy/quick installation - video here
  • Clean/minimalistic - design that's an elegant addition to any kitchen 
  • Purely Intelligent - Smart Alarm will flash RED when it’s time for a replacement (approximately 2650 litters). 
  • Effortless filter renewal. Unique patent pending mechanism that requires no wrenches, no straining - just a simple flip of a lever! 
  • Connect to your water supply at the tap with a diverter or directly to your cold water line. 

Purely Simply.

The dispensing button at the top of the Elita Pure allows for quick and easy access to clean, alkaline, H2 enhanced water.

Simply press the button to start dispensing, then press it again once you're finished.

pH Range            - 8.5 to 9.5

ORP Range         - -400V to -500 MV

Size (W x D x H)  -13 x 21 x 31 cm


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