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Water Ioniser Technology Innovations by AlkaViva Australia - The Leading Alkaline Water Provided

by Tobi Cornwell on January 29, 2021

Here is a sampling of industry-first innovations AlkaViva Australia has brought to the alkaline water and water ioniser market:

Alkaline water manufacturing

Electrode Technology Advancements:

  • First to launch mesh electrodes.
  • Robotically sprayed platinum coating technique that results in precise and highly uniform electrode surface.
  • Introduced the new Smart Electrodes which deliver the highest efficiency and performance in producing ORP and H2 alteration.
  • The only company to offer proprietary membrane technology.

Cleaning System Advancements:

  • Introduced the first automatic reverse cleaning system - MARC. A single reversible motor driven system that creates a 1:1, acid to alkaline cleaning ratio, to protect ionizers from damaging scale build-up. It eliminates the need to wait during cleaning.
  • Launched DARC the first dual solenoid-driven automatic reverse cleaning system with the highly effective 1:1, acid to alkaline cleaning ratio, with no wait while cleaning.
  • Launched DARC II Cleaning System – we improved DARC by eliminating the two solenoids and their metal actuators (which are susceptible to scaling) and replaced them with non-scaling ceramic offering better durability.

Filtration Advancements:

  • First ionizer company to offer USA-made (non-Asian) filters.
  • First ionizer filter capable of handling chloramine and heavy metals.
  • First multiple media-bed ionizer filter.
  • Launched the first dual filter ionizer model.
  • The only water ionizer manufacturer to offer onboard (internal) scale inhibiting technology.
  • Unsurpassed UltraWaterTM Filtration Technology.
  • More external pretreatment options to handle a wide range of unique water quality issues.
  • The first water ionizer manufacturer in USA to offer non-electric ionization technology.

Independent Testing:

  • The first and only company to offer third-party EPA certified lab test results against 249 contaminants (reducing virtually all of them by 99.9%).
  • The first and only company to offer third-party EPA certified lab testing for ionizer performance.



  • The first to offer a dedicated under sink model with remote tower.
  • The first to offer color LCD screens to identify the selected water type.
  • The company with the longest history as an exclusive importer (since 2004 with Emco Tech).
  • The only Better Business Bureau accredited company with a 15- year track record as A+ rated.
  • Compare H2 Series to Other Brands.