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Hydrate with AlkaViva - Your 2019 New Year Resolution Voyage

by John Vassila on December 27, 2018

Why You Need an AlkaViva Water Filter

How many of us make New Year’s resolutions which we know we won’t keep past the first few weeks?

This of course does not mean you should not at least try and make enhancements for your up and coming brand new year. The purchase of an equipment in relation to achieving a goal goes hand in hand for example purchasing gym equipment for home, making it convenient to train whenever you wish.  If your wish is to work toward better health in 2019, you must add one such piece of equipment to your list that will always remind you to drink more water.


Stay Hydrated

Yes, improved health can start with one glass of clear, filtered water first thing in the morning and last thing at night. As AlkaViva only deal with supplying consumers with clean water to enjoy, we can’t make further medical recommendations, but if you intend to drink more we can definitely help! If drinking more water is part of your “new year, new you” plan, here are few tips to see you through!

Water Ionisers Help Drink More Water

Invest In An AlkaViva Water Ioniser Today

Purchasing an above bench AlkaViva water ioniser is one way to supply quality water in your home. The AlkaViva Vesta H2 above bench model also make for a good visual reminder that you should have a minimum of 8 glasses of water each day.


Drink more and watch this ioniser improve your health.

When H2 neutralizes damaging oxygen radicals, it creates water (H2O) - increasing your cellular hydration. Great tasting, silky-smooth, alkaline, ionised water is also easier to drink. When you drink more, you enjoy optimal hydration and better health.

Over 600 peer-reviewed studies show that molecular hydrogen - or H2 - has a therapeutic benefit in every organ of the human body and positively affects over 150 disease models and health conditions. 


Stay Hydrated


Get your antioxidants - in your AlkaViva water!

Free radical damage causes oxidative stress and is one of the primary causes of aging. Oxidation causes iron or apples to “rust”. Antioxidants prevent or slow that damage. Unfortunately, anti-oxidants are non-selective neutralizing both beneficial and harmful radicals. Research shows the H2 in alkaline, ionised water selectively targets only the damaging radicals - making it the “ultimate” antioxidant.


Ease your aches and pains

Oxidative stress damages your cells, causing pain and inflammation. As we age, inflammation increases. Studies show that H2 neutralizes the damaging radicals. Drinking hydrogenated, alkaline, ionised water can ease chronic and acute aches and pain.


Go longer. Go stronger.

ATP powers your cells. It is the source of your energy. Research shows Hhelps increase ATP production giving you more energy while decreasing lactic acid levels. Athlete? Exerciser? Just want more pep? Drinking hydrogenated, alkaline, ionised water helps improve performance and recovery.


Helps balance your pH.

AlkaViva water is alkaline and ionized making it rich in naturally occurring beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium that help you alkalize and maintain a healthy pH balance.


Replace One Beverage per Day with Water

Think of everything you drink in a day: soda, tea, coffee, juice. Some beverages have health benefits, while others have sugar and caffeine. If you know you can stand to cut down on the sweet stuff, try replacing one soft drink or similar beverage with a glass of water. The more you drink water, the better the chances your cravings for the sweet stuff will wane.

Before you leave for work or school in the morning, fill a glass or stainless steel travel bottle of filtered water and keep it with you. When water remains within reach, you form the habit of drinking more. You’ll gain more energy and feel alert. Water can also provide a gateway to changes in your lifestyle that help you realize the rest of your 2019 New Year’s resolutions.

“If your workplace doesn’t have ionised filtered water, you might want to recommend us to your boss!”

You don’t have to wait to have a Brand new AlkaViva water unit delivered to your home, take advantage of our free shipping available now. Contact us today on 02 8283 0577 for more information on the correct water filter system for your household needs.