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Your Easy Guide to choosing a Whole House Water Filter System

by Tobi Cornwell on August 20, 2021

Clean water for the whole house is made easy with AlkaViva's TRIDENT Whole House Filtration systems.

As we know contaminant-free water is not just essential for drinking, we all want access to clean, healthy water for the whole house. Clean water for cooking, tea/coffee, bathing, washing dishes and for our pets. 

Whole House Filtration


How to Choose the Best System for your House.
Alkaviva offers five options to ensure clean water for your whole house:

1. TRIDENT Standard 3-Stage Filter system - a low cost solution to water filtration. Offering exceptional heavy metal protection (including iron, lead, cadmium, mercury and chromium) as well as excellent protection from water-based virus and bacteria. Our pick for overall affordable clean water. On Sale: $1,099. Replacement filters (every 12 months): $499. To buy or for more information.

2. TRIDENT Optimum Fluoride 3-Stage Filter system - the best solution to target fluoride. All the benefits of the Standard system but with increased fluoride removal. Fluoride is one of the hardest chemicals to remove from water and this system removes 90%+. Our pick for clean, maximum fluoride-reduced water. Price: $1,299. Replacement filters (every 12 months): $799. To buy or for more information.

3. TRIDENT Optimum Chlorine 3-Stage Filter system - the best solution to target chlorine. All the benefits of the Standard system but with increased chlorine removal to 99%. How to tell if you need this one - chlorine is an easy chemical to detect because of its smell. Our pick for clean, chlorine-free water. Price: $1,499. Replacement filters (every 12 months): $899. To buy or for more information.

4. TRIDENT Maximum Chlorine & Fluoride 4-Stage Filter system - the king of removal systems. This system is for households needing to target both of the toughest chemicals. Not suitable for houses with compromised water pressure, otherwise undetectable. Our pick for the maximum removal of chemicals. Price: $1,849. Replacement filters (every 12 months): $1,199. To buy or for more information.

5. NEW TRIDENT Rain Water 2-Stage Filter system - for solution for removing heavy metals, sediment and pathogens from your tank water. This system is for households with tank water. Our pick for tank water. Price: $899. To buy or for more information.

Each system includes an almost indestructible housing bracket and 20 inch filters manufactured using proprietary, patented electrodsorptive media technology. A plumber is required to install at the water mains, you can then replace the filters yourself each year going forward. 

Need a bit more help, simply call our friendly team on +61 (0) 2 8405 7998 or email sales@alkaviva.com.au to assist you find the perfect solution for your home. You can achieve the ultimate piece-of-mind with containment-free water.