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You're Not Hungry - You're Thirsty

by Amanda DeAmicis on December 20, 2016

Billions of dollars are spent every year on weight loss solutions, but none of them address an important root cause.

Being overweight is not a uniquely Australian problem but billions are spent each year on weight loss solutions. Despite the attention, few solutions get to the root cause. The culprit is often not too many calories, the wrong fats or carbohydrates or not exercising enough. Chronic mild acidosis is often the cause - how did we get to this point?

The Standard American Diet (SAD) which has many correlations to the Australian Diet is high in protein, sugars and unhealthy fats. This results in a lot of metabolic acid residue that the body must process. In fact grains - even whole grains - and fruits also add to the the acid load. Green leafy vegetables contain the minerals and chlorophyll necessary to buffer these acids, but we don't eat enough to balance our otherwise acidic diet.

The liquids we drink may be even worse than what we eat. Weight-loss staples such as coffee, tea and diet soda are all extremely acidic. Bottled water, fruit smoothies, sports drinks and milk all contribute to the acid load the body has to eliminate.

Our lifestyle also contributes to chronic acidity. Smoking, air pollution, stress and negative thoughts all increase acidity in the body. So does intense exercise, lactic acid builds up if you don't drink enough water to flush it out in your perspiration/

As a defense mechanism, your body may produce fat cells to protect you from an overly acidic condition. To protect itself from potentially serious damage, the body creates fat cells to store harmful acids.

One secret to weight loss is to decrease the body's acidity by increasing the intake of alkaline foods and staying hydrated with clean and healthy alkaline, ionized water. This will help your body provide the buffers needed to eliminate acidic waste.

According to alkaline diet and lifestyle expert Dr. Robert O. Young, "your body can - and will - let go of  the excess fat, if your food and drink are alkaline." He recommends drinking ionized, alkaline water to maintain the proper balance and takes stress of the system - stress that results in aging and weight gain.

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