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Delphi H2 Undersink Hi-Output  Alkaline/Hydrogen Water Ionizer
Delphi H2 Water Ioniser
Delphi H2 Undersink Hi-Output  Alkaline/Hydrogen Water Ionizer
Delphi H2 Undersink Alkaline Water Ionizer - AlkaViva Australia
Delphi H2 Undersink Alkaline Water Ionizer - AlkaViva Australia
Delphi H2 Undersink Hi-Output  Alkaline/Hydrogen Water Ionizer
Delphi H2 Undersink Hi-Output  Alkaline/Hydrogen Water Ionizer
Delphi H2 Undersink Hi-Output  Alkaline/Hydrogen Water Ionizer

    Delphi H2 Undersink Hi-Output Alkaline/Hydrogen Water Ionizer


    The Delphi H2 Undersink Hi-Output Alkaline/Hydrogen Water Ionizer

    The Delphi H2 is your absolute first choice for the cleanest, healthiest, best-tasting, hydrogen rich, alkaline water! The Delphi H2 offers you an industry-best water filtration system, the latest features and finest on-demand Hydrogen generation technology you can buy. It is the zenith in our new H2 Series. 

    Delphi H2 Alkaline Water Ionizer


    The Delphi H2: pure perfection.

    The New Delphi H2 Water Ionizer offers you these cutting-edge features: 

    Safety of UltraWater FilterThe Safety of UltraWater Filtration
    The Delphi H2 offers you our UltraWater Technology plus 13 stages of cutting edge filtration to give you the healthiest water that is pristine and ultra-clean! The only water ionizer filter that is USA-made and has certified independent test results for 172 contaminants, reducing virtually all of them up to 99.9%. The healthiest water starts with clean water, don’t buy an expensive single filter alkaline system or one with cheap Vitamin C or carbon filters. 
    Independent EPA/NELAP Certified Lab UltraWater Test Results
    AutoAdjust Advanced Power SupplyAutoAdjust Advanced Power Supply
    The last piece of the performance puzzle is power. The answer is not high wattage and power consumption, that eventually burns out electrodes. AutoAdjust automatically modulates the SMPS power as it pulses to the electrodes ensuring you get maximum efficiency plus optimal – and lasting – performance. Automatically.
    H2 Water InfusionH2 Infusion Technology
    Top ionizer performance requires more than just electrodes. Our proprietary membrane manufacturing combined with Smart Electrodes create H2 Infusion Technology…and unmatched H2 performance.
    DARC Automatic CleaningNew and Improved DARC II Cleaning
    We introduced fully automatic DARC in 2006 and it’s still the best way to automatically clean your electrodes and ensure lasting performance and without any annual servicing requirements. The new DARC II has been improved to be more effective and more reliable. This is simply the best way to help ensure that the most critical component of the ionizer – the electrodes – stays free of scale buildup. More peace of mind. 
    Smart Electrodes9 Smart Electrodes
    The highest quality, Japanese titanium and platinum, along with precise Korean engineering, are what create the smart water ionizer electrodes. The most efficient, longest lasting and highest performing electrodes. That’s smart! Our SmartDesign Electrodes are engineered to deliver maximum efficiency. 
    RISC CircuitryProtective RISC Circuitry
    RISC processors consume 
    less power and offer the highest performance. RISC’s advanced technology performs self-diagnosis on the ionizer each time you use it. It protects your ionizer if there is any type of fault and notifies you on the LCD display. 
    Delphi Water Ioniser

    Ionizer Certifications



    8 pH Selectable Levels – Choose the level of pH that suits your needs. The Delphi H2 is better than other systems at delivering H2 performance, especially at lower more drinkable - and safer - alkaline pH levels. We can’t stress this point enough. Cleaner, healthier and better tasting alkaline water. Step up!

    One Touch Convenience – One Touch Technology allows you to easily and precisely control your ionizer's functions … with one touch.

    Filter Replacement Alert – an LCD Filter Counter displays the filter life as you use it. Voice and icon reminders alert you when it is time to change your filters.

    Top Certifications – Our 13 years in business means you can trust the Delphi H2, AlkaViva and our manufacturing.

    Dual Filtration – on-board including our unrivaled UltraWater. No need for extra external cartridge like some other companies offer as “custom” filters. 

    Precise Flow Control System – provides better performance. You can monitor the flow rate on the LCD display and use the flow control knob to easily select or set the flow rate you like. The result - great flow rate, top performance, absolute reliability and lasting durability.

    Twin Hot Water Protection – twin sensors – one before each filter – protect your ionizer against the damage that can be caused by inadvertent hot water.

    Cell Safe Technology – the BPA-free water cell is made using NSF certified material and pressure rated to 90 psi.

    Installation Options – at your sink (attached with a diverter), at your sink (plumbed directly to the cold-water line), or under your sink.


    Delphi Installation Ioniser

     Product Specification

    • Automatic DARC Cleaning System (no servicing required)
    Replacement Filters
    Power Supply
    • Next Generation SMPS
    • 32cm (W) x 37cm (H) x 14cm (D)
    • 5.8 kgs
    Electrolysis Method
    • Continuous
    • 9 SmartDesign Platinum/Titanium
    • 5 Levels of Alkaline Water, Purified Water, 2 Levels of Acidic Water 
    Green Product
    • Eliminate plastic waste in filter replacement and plastic bottles
    Filter Life
    • 4000+ litres (10-14 months typical usage)
    • Full Touch Screen
    Retains essential minerals
    • Calcium, magnesium, potassium
    Great Tasting Water
    • No residue exchange media
    • Comes with all necessary tap diverter and tubing




      Only AlkaViva has the confidence to test their water filters using an independent US EPA-Certified lab to ensure you are drinking not only alkaline water but clean and purified water with the best contaminant removal available. See the results here.




      • Chlorine, Chloramines & Free Chlorine
      • Fluoride
      • Fluoride
      • Nitrate, Nitrite
      • Aluminum, Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Beryllium, Boron, Cadmium, Chromium, Chromium, Copper
      • Iron Lead Manganese, Disinfectants and other Anions
      • *Note test results are dependant on the product

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