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                Whole House Water Filter Systems (0)

                Whole House Water Filter Systems

                 Protect Your House with our Advanced Whole House Water Filter Options

                We applied our filtration expertise to whole house water filtration systems, so you can have affordable, effective and worry-free protection in three great options!

                The AlkaViva PureHome Whole House Water Filter Systems are a low cost solution to water filtration that protects your whole house.  We have a range of filters and can make-to-order remove almost any contaminant as you require. Call us today to find out how we can bring you the best water available for your whole house.

                Offering exceptional heavy metal protection (including Iron, lead, cadmium, mercury, and chromium) they also offer excellent protection from many water based virus and bacteria.

                Each system houses three 20 inch filters manufactured using proprietary, patented electrodsorptive media technology. We are only interested in supplying the best solution for our customers and use only the best USA made filters available.

                Whole House Shower

                Option 1 - Standard Filter. The best whole house filter available that removes; 

                  Heavy Metals
                  + More

                  Option 2 - Optimum Fluoride Filter. The only whole house filter available that removes

                    Heavy Metals
                    + More

                    Option 3 - Optimum Chlorine/Chloramine Filter.  The only whole house filter available that removes; 

                      Heavy Metals
                      + More

                      All systems provide;

                      1. Removal of Pathogens and Heavy Metals
                      2. Independent Laboratory Testing
                      • Ensure your filter is removing what it claims it is removing
                      • Filters and Good Flow Rates
                      • 1 Micron Filter (not 5 Micron like competitors)
                      • 4.5" x 20" filters are the minimum you need for a whole house filter
                      • Flow rates suitable for a house
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                      This is why you need a whole house water filter

                      You probably know already that Australia has a major problem with the quality of tap water in most areas of the nation. Some areas have been affected much worse than others by industrial pollution and other problems such as pathogens in the water supply.

                      If you're worried about these things, you may have already installed a tap filter in your home, or you may be considering purchasing one. That's a smart idea, but before you do that, you need to consider that installing a tap filter only on your kitchen outlet is not going to give you optimal protection against the harmful pollutants and additives that may be present in your water supply.

                      One of the most dangerous additives in water is a fluoride compound that may be added by municipal water authorities.

                      Drinking fluoride is never going to have a beneficial effect, because to be effective in preventing dental problems, fluoride must be applied topically through an action such as brushing your teeth with fluoridated toothpaste.

                      Besides fluoride, water authorities also add chlorine. This is not as bad as fluoride, because it does have some demonstrated beneficial effect. But it's still not a chemical you should be putting in or on your body. It should be removed from the water before you drink it, bathe in it, or wash your clothes in it.

                      This is why just filtering your kitchen water supply is not enough.

                      You need to have a water filter for the whole house.

                      It hasn't always been easy to get a whole house water filter in Australia

                      Australians have an international reputation for courage and stoicism. Complaining about problems has traditionally been frowned upon in Australian society, and it is only when an issue is compelling and affects a large number of people that any kind of fuss arises.

                      While that may be an admirable trait, it has delayed the introduction of some beneficial technologies to the nation, because most people today still remain unaware of the dangers posed to them by raw unfiltered tap water. That's because many of the harmful effects are slow acting and accumulate over a long time following repeated exposure.

                      It's only when people notice significant problems such as rashes, eye irritation, and sudden illness, that they realise something may be wrong with their water supply.

                      Consequently, there hasn't been a strong demand for whole house water filtration systems, and this, combined with the historically low population density of Australia compared to other countries, has made manufacturers less keen to import their products into Australia or to manufacture them here.

                      AlkaViva now offers the best whole house water filtration system

                      The need for water filtration in Australia can't be ignored any longer. AlkaViva is determined to make affordable and effective water filtration systems available to every Australian household that wants one.

                      To make this possible, AlkaViva has developed a range of different water filters at different price levels, and also introduced an innovative financing option so even those on strict budgets can afford to get water filtration at home. In some cases, buying an AlkaViva water filter will be cheaper than buying bottled water, and it will certainly be a lot better for your health.

                      Installing a whole house water filter in your home is the best way to protect your family from the harmful pollutants and additives that can be found in Australian tap water.

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