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                Whole Home Water Filter Systems (13)

                2, 3 & 4 Stage Whole House Replacement Filter Sets


                2, 3 & 4 Stage PureHome Whole House Water Filter Covers


                3 Stage Max Fluoride PureHome Whole House System


                3 Stage Standard PureHome Whole House Filter System


                3 Stage Max Chlorine PureHome 20" Whole House System


                Fluoride Replacement Filter Sets - Whole House Filter Systems


                2 Stage Rain & Tank Water Whole House Filter


                PureHome 5 Micron Sediment 20" x 4.5" Whole House FIlter


                3 Stage Max Scale & Chlorine Whole House System


                Whole Home Water Filter Systems

                The evidence that Australia has a major problem with the quality of tap water is continually growing. Reports have been coming in from all over the country of harmful effects from pollution, pathogens, and additives.

                The best way to protect your home and family from these detrimental problems that threaten your health is to install a water filtration system.
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                What Protection Can a Whole House Filter System Offer?

                A whole house water system filtering system will protect you from:


                Chlorine is a chemical added to the water supply to help kill pathogens. It's generally effective, and can be considered a beneficial additive when it works. Although it does kill germs, it also can facilitate a parasite called giardia, which Sydney residents will remember for the outbreak of 1998. Fortunately that event was contained before it could cause a major health crisis.

                For all its potential benefits, chlorine isn't a chemical that should be in, on, or anywhere near your body. It's still toxic, and has many harmful effects.

                If you experience dry skin, eye irritation, skin irritation, mucous membrane irritation, rashes, or even dizziness after showering, your tap water supply probably contains too much chlorine.

                Chlorine also can have unpleasant effects when you drink it. For a start, even before you drink it, you'll notice the awful smell associated with it, and when the concentration is particularly strong, you may even notice a burning sensation in your nose when you smell it.

                Drinking chlorine is bad. There's no way to downplay the seriousness of it. Get a water filtering system to protect your family from the harmful chlorine added to raw tap water.


                Even more controversial than chlorine, fluoride is an unnecessary water additive that has already been banned or phased out for a lucky 95% of the world's population. The unlucky 5% that remain forced to endure toxic fluoride compounds in their tap water still includes the people of Australia.

                Drinking fluoride is far worse for your body than drinking chlorine. Really, if you care about your health, you shouldn't be consuming either substance. You can read 50 reasons why fluoride is a bad idea in this linked report.

                Heavy metals

                These aren't intentionally added to the water supply like chlorine and fluoride compounds, but find their way in as a result of industrial pollution. Some also gets into the water as a result of the corrosion of old metallic pipes (actually this can also happen after the water leaves the municipal supply but before it reaches your tap).

                Micro Plastic Particles

                This is a more recent concern. Nobody yet knows for sure what the long-term health consequences of these particles will mean for our health. For now, it's clearly a smart idea to avoid plastic consumption by using a water filter to remove these particles.


                These include bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other nasty microscopic organisms that can make you sick. Chlorination does help to reduce the incidence of pathogens in the water, but it does not entirely eliminate them. Filtering and ionizing the water will help to not only remove pathogens, but also to remove the equally bad chlorine that was added to combat them.

                A Whole House System and a Ionized filtered water is good for your health

                The combination of an effective whole house filtration system with a hi-output hydrogen/alkaline ionizer provides the ultimate clean and healing water experience for you and your family. There are many health-boosting effects that result from using an H2 Series ionizing water filter with your whole home system.

                In addition to the benefits of raising the pH level of your water to combat an acidic environment in the body, the resultant H2 hydrogenation of the water also produces antioxidant, anti-inflammation and anti-aging effects. Molecular Hydrogen H2 increases hydration and detoxification.

                The ionized water is also micro clustered which makes it far easier to penetrate and hydrate cells and flush away any toxins.

                The higher pH level of alkalized water can be especially beneficial for those who suffer from conditions related to acid imbalances. These conditions include gout and reflux. Body builders and athletes can also benefit from alkaline water consumption to reduce recovery times, cutting down lactic acid accumulation resulting from exercise.


                When it comes to filtering your whole house, not only does drinking clean filtered water help make you healthier, but showering or bathing in it will mean you will no longer be breathing in toxins from the steam of a hot shower or bath but no longer absorbing toxins through the open pores of your skin.

                You will also find your new filtered water is better for the environment by using less shampoo and laundry detergent to clean your hair and clothes.

                There are so many good reasons to get a whole home water filter system and it is an important investment in you and your family's future health and well being.

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